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Kestar Enterprises is associated with Eric Rodda-Software and  WebPageOz.

  • Eric Rodda-Software produces Freeware and Shareware which can be downloaded from the software web site.

  • Eric Rodda-Software can produce Windows icons or cursors from your images.

  • WebPageOz produces Web Sites such as this one. Examples are shown on the web site.

 Click on any image below to go to the associated web site.


Web Pages

This is an example of a web page of the KMAN INNOVATIONS site made by WebPageOz. (more examples available)

Click image to go to the
WebPageOz site
This is eAutoRun, an example of freeware software produced by
Eric Rodda-Software.
(more examples are available for download)

Freeware Software

  Click to go to Eric Rodda-Software site...

Icon Service

  Click to go to Eric Rodda-Software site...
Icons and Cursors can be made
to order and also produced from
your own photos or artworks.